About Us

As a lifelong resident of Tennessee, I understand first-hand the environmental circumstances your home must endure. From snow in the winter to the hot sun in the summer, Tennessee residents certainly experience it all. When I created my company, I knew it was the beginning of something special. I was combining decades of residential construction experience, top notch training in the field of home inspection, and a strong resolve to help people in what may be one of the most important times of their lives.

There is absolutely NO substitute for direct hands-on experience. When you combine over twenty-five years of construction management experience with first class certified home inspection training, we think you'll agree that adds up to peace-of-mind!

Buying a home is indeed, for most people, a very big step and you want nothing more than to be confident in your decision. By conducting a thorough and rigorous inspection of your home I will leave you confident with your buying decision. My job is to educate and instruct you involving the condition of your new home, which will be painstakingly detailed in my final report.

 Thank you for Your Trust!